About U3A


logo_cropped.pngThe University of the Third Age, U3A, a learning co-operative for retired people, was founded in France and has a huge membership world-wide. U3A is derived from the idea that life has three main stages: childhood and school, family creation and work, then retirement. It is in retirement, the Third Age, that we can explore the concept of a university being a community of lively minds with limitless boundaries. If you want to find out more background detail go to the following site:



How U3A works in Kapiti

Our branch has some 550 members and runs some 40 courses over two semesters a year. Courses are weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on the topic.

  • Topics are decided by members and study groups are formed with a convenor. The courses are mostly led my members with a knowledge of the topic, but where necessary by outside experts.
  • Meetings are informal, often held in members’ homes, you don’t need a degree, there are no exams and costs are minimal
  • Activities are usually in daytime.

You do not have to be an expert to lead a Course; just have an interest in, or perhaps even a passion for, a particular topic. Or it may be that you could lead a discussion group and gain input from all of the participants.

Please note that the website address is:   kapitiu3a.com  

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