Kaleidoscope Enrolment

Kapiti U3A members can enrol for Kaleidoscope by downloading the form from this link and following the instructions on the form or by completing the boxes below and clicking the button labelled ENROL NOW at the end.

If you are not yet a member of Kapiti U3A go to Join Us Page to join Kapiti U3A.

Make sure you wear your current badge to the meetings.

I / We would like to enrol for Kaleidoscope:

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First Person: (Required)
Given Name:
Second Person (Optional)
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Phone (Required)

The fee is $15 per person per semester or $40 per person for all 3 semesters if paid at start of first semester.

You can pay by Online banking to the U3A Kapiti Kaleidescope.
The account number is 38-9017-0643556-00 and please put surname & initial and phone number in the reference or code fields
Bring cash or a cheque to the first session, please be there before 9:30 so that payments can be processed before first speaker. Cheques should be made out to Kapiti U3A Kaleidoscope

Please indicate your intended method of payment (Required)

Click on the ENROL NOW button below to send your enrolment

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