General Interest

You need to be a financial member of U3A to participate in an Interest Group. Please wear your badge when you attend a group meeting.

Current Affairs
The group meets and discusses local, national and world issues. Discussion is initiated by members of the group. This has proven to be highly successful. It is the format most meetings will follow in 2021.
Leader: Fred McCausland Ph 293 6271
Convenor: Alex MacDonald Ph 905 5291
Timing: March – November, 2nd Weds, 10:00 to 11:30
Updated 15/1/2021

Family Stories and Histories
New in 2021
This is a small writing group of members who would like to record funny, interesting, heartfelt memories to go alongside their genealogy. Write your story and keep it to 500 words or less than 5 minutes spoken. Expand your story at your leisure for future generations.
First Topic: “Best Holiday I had as a child”
Leader: Noeline Wagener Ph 04 – 2125886
Timing: February to December, 3rd Wednesday, 10:15 to 11:45
Location: 2 Mahia Lane, Waikanae
Updated: 15/1/2021

As this is a new group if you are interested in participating please contact the leader before the start date.

Have Your Say
A friendly discussion group airing views on matters local, national, international and ethical.
Leader: Anne Wall Ph 293 5000
Timing February to December, 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 10:00 to 12:00
Location: Waikanae
Updated 15/1/2021

This group meets on a Monday morning and has a programme of speakers through out the year. For all the details about what Kaleidoscope is and how to enrol go to this link.

New Zealand Constitutional Affairs
New in 2021
Come along to discuss learn about, and debate in a friendly supportive forum some of the most interesting and relevant topics of our time as NZ moves along the twenty first century, starting with:

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi). Its history. What the Maori and English version say. Relevance for the 21st Century. Place as a founding and its first constitutional document of our nation. Its importance for the future of NZ as a democratic, bicultural multi- cultural nation.
  • New Zealand’s current constitutional arrangement as a democratic constitutional monarchy. Our future constitutional arrangements . Do we continue as a monarchy or become a republic . If so what form will any change likely take . Do we want a written constitution. What do you think about the implications of the above.
  • NZ’s place in the world in the new geopolitical age of the 21st century.
  • Other topics members of the group would like to discuss arising out of the above.

Leader: Peter Hodgson Ph 293 1191
Timing: March to July 3rd Thursday of the month 2:00pm to 4:00pm First meeting is Thursday 18 March 2021
Location: 2 Papawai Grove, Waikanae
Updated 23/1/2021

As this is a new group if you are interested in participating please contact the leader before the start date.

Philosophical Discussion
We look at questions which have interested thinkers throughout the ages. While we will be looking at some of their thoughts, the main thrust of this course is to discuss the questions ourselves. Members suggest topics and briefly introduce them, if necessary, with the help of the leader.

Topics for discussion in 2021 will be advised. 2020 Topics included:
• Works of Rene Descartes
• Capitalism
• Social Structure/Biculturalism
• Sentience
• Existence
• Silence
• Basic Terms of Social Science
• Philosophy of Music
• Language
• What is Fact?
• Persuasion

Leader: Pat Belgrave: Ph 022 302 1006 or 04 212 5606
Timing: February to December, 2nd Thursday, 2:00 to 4:00, but this can vary to suit the wishes of the leader and group members.
Location: Member’s homes where possible.
Cost: Afternoon tea $2 and occasional photocopying costs.
Updated 8/11/2020

T4U – Time to Get to Know Your U3A Neighbours
T4U are meetings to meet your U3A neighbour. Members bring individual topics to be discussed by the group
Leader: Lyn Bennett Ph 904 1170
Timing: February to December, Weekly on a Tuesday at 2:00pm
Location: Contact Lyn for the weekly location.
Updated 15/1/2021

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