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About the Kapiti U3A

Kapiti U3A was set up in 1993 and it now has about 350 members. We run approximately 20 Interest Groups during a year.  Groups may be either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly and they can run for a few sessions or the whole year depending on the content and the wishes of the leader and the members.

Membership of Kapiti U3A costs $20 per person ($30 for a couple) for a year if all communication is by email. If you require communication by post then the sub is $40 for one person or $50 for a couple (at one address) to reflect the additional costs incurred.

Kapiti U3A is run by a volunteer committee and the present committee is:

Position Name Email Phone
President Phil Glasson president@kapitiu3a.com
Vice-President Belinda Nixon
Secretary Julie Pratt ian.juliepratt@xtra.co.nz 2934364
Treasurer Belinda Nixon treasurer@kapitiu3a.com
Administrator Maureen Knox admin@kapitiu3a.com
Membership Liaison Lyndell Fitzgibbon membership@kapitiu3a.com 9050006
Jackie Johnson johnsonjackie602@gmail.com 0274589531
Alison Maysmor alisonmtraveller@gmail.com 2971058
Maureen Robb maureenrobb76@gmail.com 049342048
Convenor Jane Griffith kaleidoscope@kapitiu3a.com 9041954
Treasurer TBA kaleidoscope@kapitiu3a.com

If you would like to email any of these people go to Contacts Page.
If you are willing to volunteer to help with our administration then we would love to hear from you !
If you have an idea for an Interest Group contact any one on the committee.


You can download the latest copy of the Kapiti U3A rules from this page

Kapiti Coast U3A is registered charity # CC22758. Details at this link
Kapiti Coast U3a is an Incorporated Society # 635275. Details at this link

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